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Buddhist Thought and Ritual

Buddhist Thought and Ritual
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Buddhist Thought and Ritual will appeal to anyone interested in acquiring an authentic grasp of Buddhism as it lives and functions in today’s world. The wide spectrum of Buddhist practice is represented here by the men and women who contributed to this volume. The focus on thought and ritual captures the organic interrelationship of these religious components and moves away from the compartmentalization characteristic of much religious scholarship. The reader discovers
the central tenets of Buddhism, Anatta, Pratityasamutpada, Sunyatta, Nirvana, and others, not as free-floating curiosties, but in terms of their contemporary relevance and active participation in the formation of society and culture. Likewise, commonly practiced rituals such as the Paritta Ceremony and Mantra Recitation are analyzed in terms of their role in living Buddhism.

A second vital quality in this volume is in its breadth of representation. Despite the common knowledge that Buddhism animates a vast array of societies and cultures, and further more expresses itself as a minority religion in many more lands, the scholarship still tends to reflect single, isolated, perspectives.

Buddhist Thought and Ritual brings together contributions from eminent scholars throughout the Buddhist world: men and women from Japan to Sri Lanka represent diverse Buddhist streams and traditions. These scholars write not only on the basis of academic expertise, but also on the basis of lived faith. Here is a volume in which Buddhism speaks for itself. Many voices harmonize to introduce ancient wisdom and practices that continue to shape a significant section
of our present world.

Table of Contents

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David J. Kalupahana
Part 1
1. The Buddhist Doctrine of Anatta
Y. Karunadasa
2. Pratityasamupada and the Renunciation of Mystery
David J. Kalupahana
3. Space, Emptiness, and Freedom
R.D. Gunaratne
4. The Social Relevance of the Buddhist Nibb?na Ideal
P.D. Premasiri
5. The Bodhisattva Ideal: Some Observations
Sanath Nanayakkara
6. The Syncretism of Chinese Ch'an and Pure Land Buddhism
Heng-ching Shih
Part 2
7. Integration of Sutra and Tantra
Masao Ichishima
8. The Mahisasaka View of Women
Cheng-mei Ku
9. The Significance of Paritta and its Application in the Theravada Tradition
Hammalawa Saddhatissa
10. The Paritta Ceremony of Sri Lanka: Its Antiquity and Symbolism
Lily de Silva
11. Significance of the Ritual Concerning Offerings to Ancestors in Theravada Buddhism
P.D. Premasiri
12. A Ritual of Mahayana Vinaya: Self-Sacrifice
Cheng-mei Ku
13. Chinese Buddhist Confessional Rituals: Their Origin and Spiritual Implications
Hsiang-Chou Yo
List of Contributors

DAVID J. KALUPAHANA, Ph.D., is a recognized expert on Buddhism. His previous books include Buddhist Philosophy and Culture, The Principles of Buddhist Psychology, The Path of Righteousness, and Buddhist Philosophy: A Historical Analysis. Dr. Kalupahana has written nine books, more than thirty articles, and contributed thirty-five articles and entries in the Encyclopedia of Buddhism.

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