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"His [Frederick Sontag's] immense effort to understand, and in many ways empathize with at least some of its underlying motives can only be commended.... His arguments will help to convince the undecided who are philosophically inclined and his commentary provides a valuable antidote to mental confusion in the area he surveys."
–Patricia Lança, writer, former Member of the Portuguese Parliament, regular contributor to The Salisbury Review, London

"The Descent of Women is a thoughtful, thorough, and engaging overview of the main issues in the feminist philosophy. Its tone is humane and ecumenical. It should appeal to the fair-minded partisans on both sides of the contemporary debate over feminism."
--Christina Hoff Sommers, Visiting Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

This book is an examination of the roles of men and women and the rise of the feminist movement. The author states: "It is time for all of us, male and female alike, to set this important and massive 'media revolution' into the context of the human animal's long struggle to improve its lot and to take control of its destiny."

The Descent of Women is a challenge to excesses of the revolutionary zeal of some writers of the feminist movement. In the course of illustrating the thesis that feminist thinking has yet to mature, particularly if it is to reach balance, self-criticism, and fairness to men, the author introduces the secondary thesis that the feminist movement should stop blaming all men for a long suffering history of women. Men have suffered, too, as the human animal emerged from a moral swamp in which sexual selection has played an important role. The author sees the feminist movement as a contribution to our expanding self-consciousness as a species and, in his criticism of radical feminism, seeks a richer future, not a return to an oppressive past. This book will stimulate controversy and further reflection on one of the most difficult issues of contemporary society.

FREDERICK SONTAG is Robert C. Denison Professor of Philosophy, Pomona College, Claremont, California. He is the author of over twenty major books on philosophy, religion, and existentialism.

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