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Idea of Europe, The: Its Common Heritage and Future

Idea of Europe, The: Its Common Heritage and Future
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Includes major contributions by Peter van den Dungen on “The Evolution of Western Civilization and the Division of Europe,” and Raymond Tschumi on “The Emergence of a World Culture and Europe’s Future.”

“Europe” denotes not only a geographical boundary but a cultural idea. It is a composite legacy of the Roman Empire, Greek Thought, Christianity, and the scientific revolution. It was forged in connection with Islam and Marxism. It is also that part of the world which “made” the modern world. The authors of this book write on the contributions of the various components of Europe, its prospects for unity and the impact a common Europe is likely to make on the 21st century.

Discussion between the authors is included to improve the reader’s understanding of key issues. This book reflects the common desire of Europeans, both East and West, to work constructively to create a new and peaceful Europe.

DAVID GRUENDER is a Professor of Philosophy at Florida State University.

EVANGHELOS MOUTSOPOULOS is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Athens, Greece.

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