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Korean Challenges and American Policy

Korean Challenges and American Policy
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Korea and America have changed drastically since 1882 when a treaty of peace, amity, commerce and navigation between the Kingdom of Choson and the United States was signed.

American news media reported in the 1960s and 1970s that South Korea was the only place where the slogan "Yankee Go Home" was not seen or heard. However, in the 1980s South Korean students born after the Korean War and not exposed to the more supportive aspects of American Policy began to demonstrate anti-American sentiment. Along with trade disagreements caused by U.S. protectionism and a dwindling trade surplus in the 1980s to a trade deficit in 1990, the rising anti-American attitudes of young Koreans provides another challenge for the United States policy in the 1990s.

This book others a rich background understanding, a deep grasp of the current challenges caused by a shifting American policy, as well as viable suggestions for future solutions. This collection of 25 is written by learned east Asia and Korea experts whose backgrounds vary from the scholarly to the international relations to the military.

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