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Last Voyage of the SS Henry Bacon, The

Last Voyage of the SS Henry Bacon, The
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Highly Recommended
A deadly and harrowing true story filled with heroic sacrifice and sad tribute, The Last Voyage of the SS Henry Bacon is highly recommended reading for anyone with a strong interest in naval history and a unique contribution to personal, academic, and community library World War II studies collection.—The Bookwatch, March, 2002.

Real dangers of a liberty ship
…brings to life the real dangers of a liberty ship crew in the Artic Sea north of Russia during World War II.…a gripping tale of brave men at sea in the service of their country, working valiantly for the war effort and being ignored by their own government when medals were handed round.—Mike Ramsey in The Roanoke Times, Sunday, Feb. 3, 2002.

Far more than an ordinary story
...Far more than an ordinary story as the narrative includes the American Merchant Marine, US Navy Armed Guard, Norwegian civilians and their daring rescue by Royal Navy destroyers, voyages to Russia, life in Murmansk and finally Convoy RA.64. All these ingredients have been woven into the meticulously researched account by the authors who were determined that this little known story of tragedy and heroism should be made known in its entirety.... A highly recommended readable book and a fine example of thorough research.—Richard Cornish, The Review, a quarterly journal of the Naval Historical Collectors and Research Association

A gripping sea story
“The authors transport the reader back to 1945 and the situation that the participants faced in that bleak Arctic Sea, through the use of oral histories, personnel interviews, and official reports. The Last Voyage of the SS Henry Bacon is a gripping sea story and conveys the imagery of what it was like to be merchant sailors and civilians caught up in the horror of the Second World War.”—Professor Salvatore R. Mercogliano, Department of History, Methodist College

I would would unreservedly recommend the book
“This book is easily read and understood by the general public, while much of its content is of interest to the serious scholar as well. Ethnographically, it maintains a standard of excellence not often found in such an accessible form.... I would...unreservedly recommend the book to those with a casual or personal interest in the events of the period and...to those whose personal libraries cover the subjects of Liberty ships, convoys, and merchant shipping in World War II.”—Morgiana P. Halley, Ph.D., Maritime Ethnographer and Folklorist

A story of heroic courage, valor, and self sacrifice
The Last Voyage of the SS Henry Bacon is a story of heroic courage and valor and self sacrifice. The last voyage of the Liberty ship SS Henry Bacon saw the crew put the lives of 19 Norwegian refugees above their own lives. The Bacon was the last Liberty ship to be sunk by the German Lufwaffe on the Murmansk Run—from Scotland to Murmansk, Russia. The ship fought valiantly against superior forces, and downed more German planes than any other Liberty ship. The SS Henry Bacon was born, lived and died in war; born November 11, 1942; died February 23, 1945. When the ship went down, her proud captain and chief engineer were standing at the helm. This is her story.

Well written and documented
The Last Voyage of the SS Henry Bacon is filled with touching personal episodes, well written and documented, drawn from conversation and correspondence with the surviving merchant seamen and Navy gunners. Their accounts have been verified by declassified Navy and Maritime Commission records.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Women on the SS Henry Bacon
Chapter 2: The Birth of the Henry Bacon
Chapter 3: The Shakedown
Chapter 4: The Skipper
Chapter 5: The Crew
Chapter 6: Sørøya: Hidden Behind the Pages of History
Chapter 7: Operation “Open Door”
Chapter 8: Refugees to the Bacon
Chapter 9: Rest and Recreation in Murmansk
Chapter Ten: Leaving Murmansk
Chapter 11: The Tempest
Chapter 12: “Wind Force 12”
Chapter 13: “A Swarm of Bees”
Chapter 14: “Abandon Ship”
Chapter 15: Take to the Water
Chapter 16: Rescue
Chapter 17: The Way Home
Chapter 18: After Action Report
Selected Bibliography
Photo Gallery
Roster of Crew Members
Officers of HMS Opportune, HMS Zambesi, HMS Zealous, HMS Zest, HMCS Sioux
Composition of Convoy RA 64
Norwegian Survivors

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