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Mind and Brain: The Many-Faceted Problems

Mind and Brain: The Many-Faceted Problems
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“The great advantage and attraction of these essays are their interdisciplinary character with a willingness to consider other dimensions of the subject. The book is of value for all who are concerned with the mind or the brain, whatever their discipline.”–International Social Science Review

A now-classic discussion on the mind and the brain. Does the mind reside in the brain, or does the brain act as an interpreter of the mind? What is the nature of consciousness? Sir John Eccles, wo was awarded the Nobel prize in medicine in 1963, authored several of the articles in this book and pulled together a wide range of scholars, East and West, and from the disciples of philosophy, neuroscience, anthropology, psychology, physics, and biology. Includes interdisciplinary discussion on chapters.

SIR JOHN ECCLES, winner of the Nobel Prize for his study of nerve transmission, edited the volume and authored many of its articles, including Unity of Consciousness and Mind-Brain Theory, A Critical Appraisal of Mind-Brain Theories, The Human Brain and the Human Person, Cerebral Activity and the Freedom of the Will, Culture–The Creation of Man and the Creator of Man and Natural Theological Speculations on Death and the Meaning of Life.

Other contributors include: W. Norris Clarke, Duke L.VP.R. de Broglie, William Horsley Gantt, Ragnar A. Granit, Holger Hyden, Harry J. Jerison, Marius Jeuken, Brain D. Josephson, H. B. Jones, Benjamin Libet, H.D. Lewis, K.B. Madsen, Grover Maxwell, Diane McGuinness, Kai Nielsen, Karl H. Pribram, J.W.S. Pringle, Ravi Ravindra, Mary Carmen Rose, Bradley T. Scheer, Roger Sperry, Gunther S. Stent, W.H. Thorpe, J.W.N. Watkins, Roger W. Wescott, and Robert J. White.

Table of Contents

Preface Sir John Eccles
Introduction Sir John Eccles
Part I: Philosophical Contributions to the Mind-Brain Problem
1. Structuralism and Biology
Gunther S. Stent
Marius Jeuken
2. Some Thoughts on the Matter of the Mind-Body Problem
Daniel N. Robinson
3. A Basic Difficulty in the Mind-Brain Identity Hypothesis
John W. N. Watkins
4. Unity of Consciousness and Mind-Brain Theories
Grover Maxwell
5. A Critical Appraisal of Mind-Brain Theories
Sir John Eccles
Hardin B. Jones
6. The Mind-Brain Issue as a Scientific Problem
Karl H. Pribram
7. Persons in Recent Thought
H.D. Lewis
Mary Carman Rose
Part II: Cerebral Correlates of Consciousness
8. The Human Brain and the Human Person
Sir John Eccles
9. The Science of Behavior and the Internal Universe
William Horsley Gantt
10. Adaptability of the Nervous System and its Relation to Chance, Purposiveness, and Causality
Ragnar A. Granit
11. The Brain, Learning and Values
Holger Hyden
Robert J. White
12. Cerebral Activity and the Freedom of the Will
Sir John Eccles
13. Subjective and Neuronal Time Factors in Conscious Sensory Experience, Studied in Man, and Their Implications for the Mind-Brain Relationship.
Benjamin Libet
K.B. Madsen
14. Experimental Transference of Consciousness: The Human Equivalent
Robert J. White
Part III: The Biology of Consciousness
15. Evolution of Consciousness
Karl H. Pribram
16. The Evolution of Consciousness
Harry J. Jerison
17. The Evolution of Sexual Consciousness: Was Darwin Conscious of His Mother?
Diane McGuinness
18. Human Evolution: His and Hers
Roger W. Wescott
19. The Mechanism of Knowledge: Limits to Prediction
J.W.S. Pringle
Brian D. Josephson
20. Culture: The Creation of Man and the Creator of Man
Sir John Eccles
Part IV: Meaning of Life and Death in the Context of the Mind-Brain Problem
21. Science and Man’s Need for Meaning
W.H. Thorpe
22. The Scientist at His Last Quarter of an Hour
Duke L.V.P.R. de Broglie
23. Bridging Science and Values: A Unifying View of Mind and Brain
Roger Sperry
24. Individual Existence
Bradley T. Scheer
25. Death and the Meaning of Life
Kai Nielson
26. Death and the Meaning of Life in the Christian Tradition
W. Norris Clarke
27. Death and the Meaning of Life–A Hindu Response
Ravi Ravindra
28. Natural Theological Speculations on Death and the Meaning of Life
Sir John Eccles


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Organization and Change in Complex Systems
Glossary of Cognitive Science
Christology: The Center and the Periphery
Chinese Economic Policy: Economic Reform at Midstream
Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution

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