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Religion and Global Order: Vol. IV

Religion and Global Order: Vol. IV
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The editors and contributors discuss religion and global order in relation to a wide spectrum of concerns, secular and sacred. Chapters include discussions of universalism within Christianity, the Protestant Reformation and individualism, the conquest of the Americas by Spain, religion and the law, the Holy Spirit and the ordering of the world, and televangelism in relation to globalization.

In the area of non-Christian traditions, there are essays on Old Testament universalism, models of universal order in Tamil, India, politics and culture in Islamic globalism, and religious nativism in Japan’s Soka Gakkai in the world arena.

Table of Contents

Religion and Globalization: An Introduction
William R. Garrett and Roland Robertson
1. Globalization and Religion: Themes and Prospects
John H. Simpson
2. Old Testament Universalism: Prophetic Seeds on Particularistic Soil
Theodore E. Long
3. Two Aspects of the Development of Universalism in Christianity: The First to the Fourth Centuries
James F. Strange
4. The Reformation, Individualism, and the Quest for Global Order
William R. Garrett
5. The Conquest of the Americas: The Spanish Search for Global Order
James M. Muldoon
6. The Goddess and the Guru: Two Models of Universal Order in Tamil India
Glenn E.Yocum
7. The Holy Ghost and the Ordering of the World
Stanley Johannesen
8. Consumer Culture, Postmodernism, and Global Disorder
Mike Featherstone
9. Politics and Culture in Islamic Globalism
Bryan S. Turner
10. Globalization versus Religious Nativism: Japan’s Soka Gakkai in the World Arena
Anson Shupe
11. The Whole World in His Hand?: Ways and Means of Establishing a Unificationist Theocracy
Eileen V. Barker
12. The Globalization of American Televangelism
Jeffrey K. Hadden
13. Radical Democratization and Radical Monotheism: Mannheim and Niebuhr on Global Order
Lonnie D. Kliever
14. Religion, Law, and Global Order
Frank J. Lechner
15. Globalization, Modernization, and Postmodernization: The Ambiguous Position of Religion
Roland Robertson
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ROLAND ROBERTSON is a professor of sociology at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the editor and/or author of more than eight books and a frequent presenter at the International and American Sociological associations. Professor Robertson is a past-president of the Association for the Sociology of Religion and lectures widely in Europe, North America, and Asia.

WILLIAM R. GARRETT is a professor of sociology at St. Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont. He has edited and authored two books previous to this volume and is a former editor of Sociological Analysis. He is a past-president of the Association for the Sociology of Religion and is a presenter at the International and American Sociological associations.

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