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Tarot of the Nine Paths: Advanced Tarot Deck for the Spiritual Traveler

Tarot of the Nine Paths: Advanced Tarot Deck for the Spiritual Traveler
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Includes 5 new cards and guidebook.

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Tarot of the Nine Paths (TNP) is a magnificently crafted tarot deck concerned exclusively with tarot’s “higher keys.” As a perfect matrix of twenty-seven archetypal principles, this stunning 30 card deck was conceived in Jungian Sandplay as a completion of tarot’s classic Major Arcana. Designed to be used (and reused) as a roadmap and portable tool for spiritual awareness, TNP requires no special knowledge, mental abilities, or prior training beyond basic curiosity and intuitiveness.

Beautifully boxed with an instructional guidebook, special spreads, and original lexicon, the cards can be used to address problems or, more naturally, as an effortless clearing to the present moment. One needs no previous knowledge or special abilities to enjoy working with these stunning symbols.

“Art Rosengarten offers us an engaging approach to oracle wisdom. His highly original interpretation allows us to explore openness and transcend fixed beliefs, without needing to begin with a problem, or look for complex understandings.” Peter Fenner, author, The Radiant Mind Course

“A breathtakingly original work of pure genius.” Lon Milo DuQuette, author, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot

Listen to an interview with Dr. Rosengarten here:

Dr. Art Rosengarten, psychotherapist and author of the groundbreaking book Tarot and Psychology, (also available on this website) is a leading teacher worldwide in the contemporary uses of tarot, synchronicity, and divination and their therapeutic application.

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Conflict Between Communities, The: American County Seat Wars
Job: The Story of a Holocaust Survivor
Glossary of Epistemology / Philosophy of Science
Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility
Gorbachev Generation, The: Issues in Soviet Domestic Policy
Human Shape of God: Religion in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit
Evil and the Response of World Religion
Adam to Ahab: Myth and History in the Bible

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