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Two Koreas in Transition
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This book examines the political, economic, and social changes occurring on the Korean peninsula in the later part of the twentieth century. Major events are discussed in relation to the changes in political leaders and U.S. foreign policy as the two Koreas work to maintain stability and peace, while looking toward resolving the issue of reunification.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction: Two Koreas in Transition
Ilpyong J. Kim
2. Nature of the North Korean State
Hakjoon Kim
3. The Nature and Evolution of Juche
Han S. Park
4. A New Perspective on Economic Reforms in North Korea
Taekwon Kim and Hyunwook Koh
5. Prospects for Political and Administrative Development in North Korea
Pan Suk Kim
6. An Assessment of United States-DPRK Relations: Lessons for the Future
Mark P. Barry
7. North Korea’s Foreign Relations in Transition
Kongdan Oh
8. Korean Unification: The Zero-Sum Past and Precarious Future
Victor D. Cha
9. Socioeconomic Development in South Korea
Eun Mee Kim
10. Politicization of the Korean Mass Public through Value Change
Aie-Rie Lee
11. Anti-Americanism and Anti-Authoritarian Politics in Korea
John Kie-chiang Oh
12. The Post-Cold War Environment, Democratization, and National Security in South Korea
Chung-in Moon and Won K. Paik
13. South Korea’s Nuclear, Conventional Weapons, and Alliance Strategies
Woosang Kim

ILPYONG J. KIM is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Connecticut, Storrs and is a past president of the New England Conference of the Association for Asian Studies. He is an active contributor in Asian Studies for the American Political Science Association and is the author of several books including The Politics of Chinese Communism: Kiansi Under the Soviets, Communist Politics in North Korea, and Development and Cultural Change: Cross-Cultural Perspectives.

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