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Women in the World's Religions: Past and Present

Women in the World's Religions: Past and Present
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This major collection of essays makes a new contribution to the role and image of women in the different world religions. Many new perceptions are revealed in this provocative collection, including insights into Women in African traditional religions, in evangelical Christianity, and in new religious movements, which focus on some of today's fundamental questions:

-Are women hindered or encouraged to give nfull expression to their religious experience?

-How far do the different religious traditions draw on feminine symbols in speaking about ultimate reality?

-To what extent do women take part in ritual and religious practices or hold positions of authority?

-What is the actual religious experience of women, and how do women choose to follow a religious life?

"King provides excellent introductions to the three sections of this book, Historical and Systematic Perspectives. Contemporary Perspectives, and Feminist Reflections. Her essay [on Feminism and Transformation of Religious Consciousness] is oustanding, pointing the way to 'a new religion, a new spirituality, and a new mysticism,' which will profoundly affect our notion of God and our understanding of human persons."

- Frances Sullivan, Religious Studies Review

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